[testimonial_slider_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”What People Are Saying”] [testimonial_slide author=”Todd Muffley, Owner of Fat Atom Marketing”]Steven is a HUGE asset to Fat Atom. As the Marketing Manager, Steven is responsible for hundreds of thousand in billings, and I trust him explicitly with that. Branding, design, marketing…he is the complete package![/testimonial_slide] [testimonial_slide author=”Chis Hoyt, Cast a Bigger Net”]Steven has a keen mind and insight for branding and messaging. He can understand your business, your customers, and then create a bridge between the two. If you have a great business you believe in, then you know the only thing in your way is communication. That is where you need Steven.[/testimonial_slide] [testimonial_slide author=”Joel Runyon, Owner of Impossible Ventures”]I’ve worked with Steven in a variety of capacities and his work is great. He was able to take a few mediocre sketches of mine and turn them into a reality that didn’t just look good, but created a new brand identity as well. Thanks Steven![/testimonial_slide] [testimonial_slide author=”Tina Kaetzel, Regional Senior Manager, Corporate Engagement Eastern Key Market at American Diabetes Association”]Thank you for your dedication to diabetes with Step Out Walk! Your undivided, diligent, and hard work exceeded my expectations for Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes 2012. He assisted in building our brand within the Indiana community. We started with limited social media exposure to Step Out. He helped us capitalize on opportunities by building social recommendations through starting a Blog, Facebook, and Twitter handles. In one year, with your assistance we recruited 47% of our new teams from social media.Thank you Steven for you vision. We look forward to having you Chair Step Out Walk 2013![/testimonial_slide] [testimonial_slide author=”Dave Hickman, Managing Director-President USA Division at Avancos”]It was a great pleasure working with Steven. His ability to understand our needs then create all the tools needed to rebrand was outstanding. He has the unique talent to give the customer fresh, creative, and practical ideas that are best suited to solve the business problem.[/testimonial_slide] [/testimonial_slider_box]

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